2022 Recap

Welp, another year of me not posting nearly as many blogs to this website as I thought I would lol. I intentionally didn’t set a goal for how many blogs I want to publish per month (or quarter) because I didn’t want to burn myself out. Gathering and creating social media content is mentally taxing and I wanted to focus all my brain cells on having a steady cadence of food content this year. However, I feel like 2023 is the year that I will step my game up and put more effort into this website.

In other news, my Instagram (Joyeatsworld22) went CRAZY this year and I can’t explain how wild it was to watch the continuous growth of that platform throughout the year. I started 2022 with 3,500(ish) followers with the goal of reaching 5,000 followers by the end of the year. Fast-forward to now, I am currently sitting at 21.1 thousand followers on Instagram…. WHAT THE F**K?!

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that my pandemic passion project would result in me being a local microinfluencer. This hypergrowth has pushed me to evaluate the value of my digital content, since I now have national brands requesting to work with me, which has really opened my eyes to how much organizations are investing in their influencer and social programs — this could definitely just be the marketing nerd in me talking, but food bloggers are invaluable to restaurants, food spots, and local businesses that can’t afford to have a robust paid marketing strategy.

All that to say, that this year has been my busiest year as a food blogger/digital content creator by far. Between the hosted food visits, grand opening sneak peeks and paid collaborations, I’ve been able to churn out a ton of great social posts without spending all my money in the process. The best part of this year has been sharing these visits and events with my wonderful plus ones which is typically my sister, son, boyfriend, or occasionally a fellow foodie. I plan to share more details about the ins and outs of my foodie adventures and some tips on creating food content in 2023 — I promise this time!

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