My first Korean BBQ experience

Okay, soooooo I really can’t explain why it has taken me this many years to try Korean barbecue, but I am so mad at myself for not trying it sooner! My sister and friends talk about it all the time, but when I visit them in northern Virginia I either never get time to actually go or I decide that it’s a bad idea because my son probably wouldn’t eat anything there. Regardless, shame on me for depriving myself of this delicious dining experience!

Now that I’ve properly shamed myself and admitted to my wrongdoing, I will get into this review. I went to Sō Korean Bbq in Centreville, VA with my sister, brother-in-law, best friend, and her fiancé (yes, I was fifth wheeling and loving it) this weekend and was pleased to see that they weren’t super crowded and were abiding by the social distancing guidelines. I let my sister order for the table since I had never been and she suggested we do the all you can eat option A, which was the option that had a longer list of proteins for us to try. We ended up only trying the thinly sliced beef, spicy pork belly, spicy bulgogi, and thinly sliced pork because those were out favorites. Before I get into how good the food was let me talk about the service. The servers/chefs that walked around the room adjusting the grill temperatures and tossing the meat around to make sure it cooked evenly were literal superheroes. I could not believe how quickly they were able to continuously bring food out to everybody while also keeping an eye on everybody’s food!

The food was outstanding…. like legitimately everything I ate was amazing! We started with two rounds of the thinly sliced beef because we were starving and that cooks the fastest. The beef tasted so good with the teriyaki dipping sauce we each had and the bean paste that my sister ordered. Then, we moved on to the showstopper — the spicy bulgogi! I don’t even know if I have the words to describe how great the spicy bulgogi was… I mean, I could have eaten three plates of it by myself. It had sliced up jalapeños included in the marinade, which made it the perfect amount of spicy without it being unbearably hot (this is coming from a Caribbean girl that loves spicy food so try at your own risk lol). The spicy pork belly was also extremely good, but I had ate so much by the time I got to the pork belly that I could barely breathe.

Now that I’ve lost my KBBQ virginity, I am hooked. Please send me ALL the KBBQ recommendations in the Raleigh-Durham area so I can officially replace hibachi with Korean Barbecue! Check out my reel on my foodstagram page Joyeatsworld22 to see greatness!

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