My 5 favorite Raleigh-Durham coffee shops

If you follow my foodie Instagram, you know that I am serious about my coffee! Fortunately, there is no shortage of local coffee shops and carts in Raleigh-Durham (and surrounding areas). I literally have to stop myself from going out and buying a latte from any of these locally-owned coffee spots every single day. Out of all the coffee shops that I’ve tried in this area these 5 coffee shops below are my absolute favorite:

Street Coffee Bar

Street Coffee Bar is a mobile coffee truck that has phenomenal lattes, cookies, croissants and more! They are part of Liturgy beverage Co. that can be found in the Durham Food Hall. They are at various locations around the triangle area throughout the week, but I always catch them when they are in the Brightleaf community in Durham. I have never had a latte that I didn’t enjoy from Street Coffee, but my absolute favorite is the caramel latte.

Fount Coffee + Kitchen

If I am looking for a place that I can get a delicious latte, light breakfast, and great vibes….I will definitely head to Fount. As you walk in you’re always greeted by a super nice employee and the big “come as you are” sign on the wall. They make a killer morning scramble stack that has the perfect combination of scrambled eggs, avocado, and toast. I can also vouch for the seasonal homemade pop-tarts I get here from time to time. I usually get a salted caramel or honey cinnamon latte (iced or hot) and they always hit the spot!


This may seem like an unconventional pick because Monuts is known for their amazing donuts, but their coffee is equally as amazing as their donuts! I have had a wide range of lattes from Monuts and I haven’t met a single one I didn’t love. My favorite latte was the iced honey lavender latte that they offered in the summertime… it was divine. There is also the obvious perk of being able to also get sinfully good donuts to enjoy with your coffee.

Cocoa Cinnamon

I don’t think there are enough good things that I can say about Cocoa Cinnamon. Their staff, the coffee, the chocolate, and the vibes are ALWAYS on point! They have excellent seasonal lattes, the harvest latte being a personal favorite of mine, but my go-to order is usually the Carmello. They are also home to Little Waves coffee roaster, which happens to be some of the best coffee that I’ve ever made myself at home. For those of you that aren’t coffee drinkers, Cocoa Cinnamon is where you want to go for the best hot chocolate!

Sola Coffee Cafe

Sola is home to my favorite outdoor seating area for coffee shops. Often known for their “I believe in Raleigh” sign, they have an awesome outdoor sitting area that is always full of cute dogs and friendly faces. Sola is also a great place to go if you’re hungry and want a good breakfast (or treat) with your morning coffee. I typically get a maple cinnamon latte (iced or hot) and mini donuts when I come to Sola because I have no self control when it comes to sweets.

There are so many other noteworthy coffee shops that I have either only been to once or haven’t gotten a chance to try yet. I will circle back to this list mid-year to give you all an update on my 2021 coffee adventures!

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