Volunteering at the Black Farmers Market NC

Hello, hello…… I know it has been a while but I’ve been super busy with life and churning out Instagram and TikTok content. I am super intentional about not burning myself out from anything, so I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself to draft blogs right now.

But WE BACK, and I really wanted to post about my experience volunteering with the Black Farmers Market this year. I’ve always found volunteering to be the most rewarding way to positively contribute to communities. Yes, financial contributions are great, but in person community events often require as many hands as possible to run smoothly.

I loved volunteering with the Black Farmers Market because the entire concept of the market and why it was created is inspiring and the epitome of black excellence to me. Their mission is to inspire a self sufficient community that supports and protects Black farmers and entrepreneurs. It’s no secret that their are specific barriers that most black entrepreneurs face like being less likely to secure loans from the bank and aid from government assistance programs. With community event like the BFMNC, we can be more intentional about supporting black business owners.

I always sign up to help set up when I volunteer because those hours align better with my schedule and I am able to shop before I leave. My favorite part about volunteering is being able to talk with the vendors and learn about their unique products. The market also just has this amazing vibe that puts me in the best mood, which makes for a great start to my week. I would highly recommend taking time to volunteer with a cause that you align with… it literally feeds your soul!

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