New Year, New Goals

Much like 2021, my plans for next year are completely up in the air thanks to COVID. I’m super proud of myself for absolutely CRUSHING my 2021 goals, but now I find myself struggling to create new goals for my platforms and my personal brand. However, there are definitely some growth areas that I hope to keep top of mind in 2022:

  1. Exploring more of North Carolina: The good folks of TikTok have been asking me to spotlight food spots in other cities across NC for a while now, so hopefully I can mix in some Charlotte and Triad content in 2022. As a single mother that is balling on a budget and balancing two busy schedules, it’s hard to plan trips…..but I got y’all!
  2. Host more events: This year I hosted two events, a Juneteenth event and a Christmas event. Both of these events went really well and I got so much of the same feedback telling me that I need to host events more often. The message was received and I plan to do more informal events where people can just pop by and say hi or hang out and socialize with me and other foodies. I would LOVE to partner with new food spots or restaurants that are rebranding to host some of these foodie pop ups…. so we are going to manifest that in 2022!
  3. Get (and stay) snatched: This goal is the only goal that didn’t get killed in 2021…. but in my defense, I thought there would actually be a carnival for me to get in shape for lol. Carnival or not, I want to focus on getting my body in better shape, which leads me to my next goal!
  4. Make healthier food choices: Now this is going to be extremely challenging for me because I am known for ordering the most mouth watering thing on the menu! It’s going to require a delicate balance because I don’t want to deprive myself of everything that I love, but I also don’t want to destroy my progress in the gym by eating junk too often. Best believe there will be cheat days lol.

Obviously, I want to continue to grow on all of my platforms to increase my partnerships and opportunities, but those 4 goals will be my main focus. I have specific KPIs that I want to hit but I’m going to keep those private until I exceed them. Yep, that right…. I’m speaking it into existence!

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