Finding a Healthy Balance

How is January about to be over already? As I reflect on this month, I can’t help but be happy with how it has gone. If you read my last blog, you know that one of my goals for this year is to shed some of those pandemic pounds. I am good at consistently moving my body and closing all my activity rings on my apple watch, but watching what I eat is the hard part for me.

Y’all know that I LOVE to treat myself to delicious meals, lattes, and most of all desserts but as a food blogger that wants to keep the content flowing, its hard to resist running to try every restaurant I see on my timeline. This month I’ve tried this new thing called ”staying my ass at home and eating my groceries” and surprisingly it didn’t kill me. Eating out less has definitely helped to keep me from overindulging on sweets and 1000+ calorie meals. With all that being said, I still make sure to allow myself to eat the foods that I love while still keeping my portions controlled. This looks like getting a half-pint of Bold Batch ice cream instead of a full pint or sharing my loaded fries from Mr. Fries Man with my son and sister so that I’m not stuffing myself. There is a fine line between being mindful and being obsessive — I’m trying to maintain that balance.

I reached my first weight loss goal that I set for myself and even though its not that significant, I’m excited as hell about it! Patience has never been my strong suit, so it’s easy for me to feel discouraged when I don’t see results. I constantly have to remind myself that consistency is the name of the game and I’m progressing whether I can see it or not. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers because temptation be whooping my ass LOL!

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