My Favorite Triangle Food Trucks

If you follow me on social media, you know that food trucks are my jam — I am a food truck fanatic! Putting together a list of my favorite food trucks has been on my to-do list for literal years now, but it’s finally done! I will likely have to do a part two because there are still many triangle food trucks that I’ve yet to try, so please don’t come for me if you see your fave not listed.

Okay, lets get into it:

  1. Bulkogi – Korean BBQ and Fusion: Bulkogi’s spicy beef bulgogi and bibimbap bowls have a special place in my heart. I used to stalk their food trucks, that are typically at breweries and other community events, but now that they have a storefront at Boxyard RTP I don’t have to.
  2. Queso Monster – Mexican food: Queso Monster has the best quesadillas ever! They also have an elote and lemonade truck that has super unique flavors. It’s an added bonus that they usually set up off Miami blvd in Durham, which isn’t far from me.
  3. Island Coconut Kitchen – Jamaican food: Home to some of the best oxtail with rice and peas that I’ve had in this area, Island Coconut Kitchen definitely does Jamaican right!
  4. Chirba- Chirba – Dumpling truck: These soup dumplings are the best I’ve had in this area and the sauces they have to pair them with take these dumplings to the next level.
  5. Lobos Tacos y Pupusas – Mexican food: This truck is tied for first place (for tacos) with another taco truck that will be listed in this list. The carne asada tacos are fire and they get your food out quickly.
  6. Mr. A’s Beignets – Dessert Truck: The beignets from this truck blew my mind recently! They were so fluffy and airy on the inside and sweet on the outside. Definitely a must-try!
  7. Cheat Meal Spot – Latin Fusion: This truck has a very extensive menu ranging from tacos and quesadillas to wings and burgers. Everything is super flavorful and delicious!
  8. Gym Taco – Taco Truck: This is the other taco truck that is tied for being my absolute favorite. They do earn bonus points for having shrimp tacos in addition to the typical carne asada, pollo, choriza, and carnitas. Make sure you bring cash though because that’s all they accept.
  9. WakeZ Truck Up – Breakfast Truck: This is a very unique food truck offering some amazing breakfast bowls that are a twist breakfast classics. I only wish that they were in Durham more often.
  10. Oak City Fish and Chips – Seafood: Before they got their Morgan Street Location, this food truck had me in a chokehold. Their fried seafood is extremely flavorful and they give you a lot of food!

Below are photos from some of the food trucks on this list (from left to right): Tacos for Lobos, Mango Habenero wings from Cheat Meal Spot, Oxtail with rice and peas from Island Coconut Kitchen, Carne Asada tacos from Gym Tacos, Fish from Oak City Fish and Chips, Dumplings from Chirba-Chirba.

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