My 2022 Juneteenth Foodie Meetup

Okay, so I’m going to need for y’all to act like the publishing date for this blog June 20th! I had big plans to use my Monday off to write about how much fun I had on Juneteenth weekend, but instead I decided to Netflix and nap. But anyways, I hosted my second annual Juneteenth Foodie Meetup and it was even more dope than last year’s!

This year, the foodie meetup took place at Boxyard RTP because I wanted to pick a location that had Black-owned businesses, plenty of space to sit, a variety of food options and good music. Boxyard RTP checked all of those boxes and then some. I really appreciated that they have a big, covered area with a huge fan so we didn’t have to be out there sweating through our clothes.

There was a good amount of people that told me that they would be stopping by so I decided to get some goodies from two Black-owned businesses — two dozen cupcakes from The KupKake Fairy and a large charcuterie box from Meat and Graze. Everybody loved the cupcakes, especially the red velvet ones, but the charcuterie board was really the bell of the ball (see below). Supporting Black businesses and entrepreneurs has always been my favorite way to celebrate Juneteenth!

I am so incredibly grateful for all the foodies that came out to the event. There were a lot of other Juneteenth events happening in the Triangle area that they could have attended, but they decided to show up and support me. One of my favorite parts about being a food blogger is being part of the NC foodie community and networking with other bloggers/influencers. It was nothing but great food and dope vibes — and of course, lots of food content!

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