My 2021 goals

Soooooo…. creating goals while being in the middle of a pandemic is kind of tricky right? Like of course I want to push myself to continue growing professionally, socially, financially, and mentally, but I also have to extend myself some grace. 2020 was very stressful and I expect 2021 to keep the same energy (at least the first half), so I don’t want to add too much additional stress by setting too many audacious goals. However, in an effort to push myself I have created 4 goals that I hope to read by the end of 2021:

  1. Grow my personal brand — Now that I’m like 6 months into the foodie game, I am completely hooked! In 2021 I’m coming for a bigger Instagram following, more partnerships (hopefully some paid ones), and new collaborations. Through growing my brand that ultimate goal is to also increase the impact that I’m making for the local businesses that I highlight. Although I haven’t even hit the one year make of my Foodstagram, I am anxious to expand to new social channels. I am off to a pretty good start with the addition of this website, but I am excited to venture into making more video content. I have really enjoyed making Reels on Instagram, so I’m fairly certain that TikTok will be the next platform that I explore.
  2. Get back in Carnival shape — If you read my “meet the blogger” post then you will know that I’m half Trinidadian and enjoy celebrating my Caribbean roots. Outside of cooking and eating Caribbean food, I began celebrating Trinidadian culture by attending and participating in Carnivals held in many cities across the various Caribbean islands, Canada, and the United States. Raleigh’s 2019 Carib Mask was the first and last carnival that I actually performed as a masquerader and that was the most in shape I’ve ever been in my post-graduate life. I plan to make better food decisions and put in some major work in the gym to get snatched for future carnivals to come.
  3. Make time for more volunteer opportunities — In 2020, I volunteered with several Black Farmer’s Markets in Durham to help the organization set up the venue and lend a helping hand to black farmers that needed help setting their tents up. To me, volunteering is a rewarding way to help a community in need while also meeting new people and making new connections. This year, I want to diversify and expand my volunteer efforts to make a more significant impact in the triangle area.
  4. Support more local businesses — When it comes to food, I am the shop local QUEEN, but it’s time for me to be more intentional about where I purchase other products. It is so easy to get sucked into the convenience of ordering from Amazon Prime, but many local small businesses need us to buy their products so they can stay afloat. I hope to shop local for all clothes, haircare products, masks, gifts, and coffee needs this year.

If any of my goals align with yours, feel free to reach out so we can help each other be accountable! I am open to any and all tips, tricks, hacks, and feedback that will help me reach my goals this year.

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